How To Add an Initiative

Dit beschrijft hoe je een initiatief kunt toevoegen. Het is héél simpel. Klik op "Initiatief toevoegen" in dit menu en volg de aanwijzingen op.

Waarom een initiatief toevoegen?
Kind Mankind focuses on the absolute grassroots - the tiny roots that hardly reach the water. They need professional and trusted exposure on the internet. If you have worked with such a small struggling initiative, you can continue helping them! Just create a profile here, add them as initiative, write a review about that initiative. We have already connected accountants, construction workers and artists to such true grassroots - with beautiful results.

Duurt dit lang?
Nee. Het gaat heel snel. Ik maak ze in tien minuten, inclusief korte samenvatting, teaser-plaatje, exacte locatie (belangrijk!), een beschrijving van behoeften van het iniatief, categorieën, en contactinformatie. Om vertrouwelijkheid te demonstreren voor initatieen die je goed kent, link je je profiel hier met andere sociale netwerken. Ga naar "Mijn Account" en klik op "Profiel Bewerken". Daar kun je links naar andere sociale netwerken toevoegen. KindMankind adviseert je CouchSurfing profiel toe te voegen.

Hoe helpt dit een initiatief?
There are many ways. On kindmankind we (and you) literally put initiatives on the map. These initiatives will have some exposure will be found by skilled independent changemakers. Kind Mankind is integrated with social networks like facebook and twitter. Once your initiative is published here it will be broadcasted to facebook and will be twittered. If our contributors share this with their friends, the very grassroots initiatives that need and deserve it the most will be found here. 

And if they have collected enough voices and references, it will be much easier for them to get listed on one of the major donation platforms like GlobalGiving, Idealist, or Network for Good. This means that kindmankind is the way for the smallest initiatives to acquire the recognition and assistance needed to introduce them to a wider audience.

I want to adding many initiatives
You can. Take a look at Charity Travel Itinerary to see what is coming up on Kind Mankind.

If you are visiting several struggling grassroots initiatives on a journey, you can share your trip here. It will always be free, and we will help you!



Fresh Initiatives

Not at the moment. You can add one