Nuestra Casa Shelter

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Santiago de Chile, Chile via kindly anonymous
Isabel Lacalle
isabel [dot] lacalle [at] nuestra-casa [dot] cl

The Nuestra Casa Corporation is made up of a team of active and energetic individuals that work with people off the streets to completely reintegrate them into society.

Nuestra Casa is defined by the encounters among people from the street, the volunteers and society in general, with the hope to achieve complete social integration and move together from prejudice to trust.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to overcome the social isolation created by living on the street, by developing trust and relationships between people, re-establishing a social community, and guaranteeing basic social support.

Our Vision
We envision a country that leaves prejudice behind and embraces trust.


Compassion: Nuestra Casa is a place that encourages the development of new and enjoyable relationships between people; a place where life’s beauty is shared as well as its hardships; a place to laugh, to cry, to feel, to listen, to communicate, and to be.

Overcoming: Nuestra Casa is not just a place of meeting, but rather, a place of change and transformation. The solidarity of our community propels us to overcome our hardships; the desire to do, to grow, to think, and to be more. As these actions are fostered in the individual, we are able to overcome the effect of society’s isolation and prejudice.

Partnership: Our ultimate goal is a societal transformation which can only be achieved through partnership and our commitment to the lives of others. Together we are responsible in creating a better society. Nuestra Casa’s partnerships help everyone overcome society’s adversity, whether they are volunteers or residents. Our vision of this new society starts right here in the house with the relationships fostered between volunteers and residents.

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Huérfanos 2832, Santiago de Chile, Chile

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