Teaching moral values ​​in local schools through puppets, video, theater

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José Domingo Ocampos, Paraguay via
Carolina Gomez Cashpa

I need volunteers to teach moral values ​​in local schools through puppets, videos , theater, music and new techniques. Spanish speakers. Live what they teach.
20-25 hours per week of work at school. And besides preparation time. Between 1-3 months for primary school children. two free days a week.
Accomodation: Bedroom with private bathroom. I can not provide all the food, or special food, ask that part by mail. 
Camping area, bring your own tent camping. Those who prefer to prepare their own meals, they can do by themselves, have a separate kitchen. 
Those who work more than the hours set have an hour free massage and relaxation.

And also. I need help with my farm, painting, repairing, building, babysitting, elderly care, cooks. 15 - 20 hours per week. 
Accomodation: Depending on the amount of people , shared area.
Food: three meals per day.
Living in the countryside, outdoors . quiet and peaceful life. Nearby places to go fishing. And hiking.

Duur Verblijf: 
1-3 months; 20-25 hours/week

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José Domingo Ocampos, Paraguay

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