Tutor children and Youth in Guatemala

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Antigua, Guatemala via
Zita Tangel
volunteer [at] ninosdeguatemala [dot] org

The Tutorias Program is one of the most rewarding and important programs Niños de Guatemala has to offer.

Volunteers are matched with students who have a learning delay or difficulty or who need extra support in their education. Ideally, you will meet with your child several times a week to work on personalized material given by the Academic Coordinator and will help the child to grasp concepts from class that they need extra assistance with.

In general, we ask that volunteers interested in this position to have a background in working with children with special needs or teaching in general, and have and advanced level of Spanish. 

-18+ years old -Advanced to fluent Spanish language skills
Duur Verblijf: 
A minimum time commitment of 1 month is required. Volunteer hours per day are flexible but a minimum of 1-2 hours is best.
Volunteers will work one-on-one with students that need extra learning support.
Contact the Volunteer and Groups Program Coordinator for more infor in our All-inclusive Volunteer Packages. Highlights: 1. Receive comprehensive training and support from full-time staff. 2. Join a program that can organise airport transfers, Spanish classes, and homestay accommodation for you. 3. Enjoy dedicated volunteer activities organised weekly. 4. Enjoy "Experience Guatemala”, a free half-day tour worth US$35, and get a free NGO t-shirt. 5. Take classes at a Spanish School that offers 10% discount to volunteers with 100% of the profits going back to NDG´s programs.

4a Calle Oriente #28C, Antigua, Guatemala

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